fresh and frozen fruits aand vegetables in Egypt

Quality at Agrotopia

Our Philosophy

 At “Agrotopia”, we always go beyond the norm to develop additional measures in the cultivation and quality testing of our fruits and vegetables so that our family of clients can be sure of supplying their customers with high-quality organic products. 

These go far beyond conventional certification by inspection bodies ensuring the quality of our products from land -to- hand. In order to preserve the unadulterated taste of our naturally matured fruits and vegetables, we produce within the framework of controlled organic cultivation methods. 

Our farmers, suppliers and partners operate resource-efficient agriculture in accordance with the current organic regulation. It goes without saying that our farmers use organic fertilizers. Since the demand on our products is so high, we must keep a steady level of production under a  thorough examination of all of our resources, in addition to a high level of control over crop rotation, soil, fertilizer and risk-oriented residue monitoring in accredited laboratories. 

Agrotopia” does do protect soil, air, water and thus humans and animals in our society.

As our experience increases every year in the cultivation and trade of organically produced fruits and vegetables, so is our passion for the industry, our farmers, our clients and most importantly, our baby fruits and vegetables. Therefore, every fruit and vegetable receives special attention at harvesting. 

This does not only apply to how we do determine the optimal harvest time, especially in the manual harvest of sensitive fruits; such as raspberries, strawberries, plums and tomatoes. Our harvest workers have acquired many years of experience over the time. We also pay special attention to the careful handling of our harvest during the subsequent transport from the field to the processing/packing station in order to guarantee faultless products.

In short, at “Agrotopia”, we create the optimal harvesting conditions, where there are strict residue analyses and constant inspection of our products at all stages of production. This gives our clients the necessary assurance and guarantee of having the best quality products that nature has to offer.

At “Agrotopia”, we do focus on being environmentally friendly applying sustainable actions in order to reduce carbon-footprint from storage to distribution. We do rely on fertilizers of organic origin such as compost manure, green manure, and bone meal, where naturally occurring pesticides are permitted and synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are strictly prohibited.

We also place much emphasis on Social commitment to our community, through educating our personnel on how to reduce their own personal carbon footprint through learning how to (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse). We also focus on maintaining sustainability by financing global organic farming and support environmental organizations in all ways possible. 

                                    …All this is to provide a better future of our children

Our Dedication

Since  QUALITY  is the main focus of our business, our organization does adher to the following international standards of quality;

- ISO 22000 

Which is a Food Safety Management System that we apply at our organization. This provides customer confidence in the product

- ISO 9001  

It is a (QMS)  that consistently provide products (fresh fruits and vegetables in Egypt) and services that meet all int'l requirements

- The HACCP 

(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of  our products' safety hazards based on its principles . 


This does  demonstrate our commitment to the products' quality & safety and proves  our determination on producing fresh  fruits and vegetables in Egypt to the rest of the world