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Agrotopia Farms

The preferred producer & exporter of fresh & frozen fruits & vegetables world-wide 

Looking for fresh or frozen fruits & vegetables?

Agrotopia Freshness

fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables


Our range of premium quality products are processed in accordance with the “IQF - Individually Quick Frozen” methodology, which are notable 

for the fact that, each individual piece of food is being frozen 

separately from all the others, where quickly freezing the 

foods produces ice crystals that are small, and thus 

do not cause damage to food fibers 

preserving its freshness

Agrotopia Team



Our great team of professionals always do their best to satisfy every need of our customers from around the world by creating valued  solutions, maintaining a personalized  service and adhering to international standards of quality using our state-of-the-art 

facilities and production techniques in producing, freezing 

and packing our  fresh fruits and vegetables in a highly 

safe, professional and healthy manner


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